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When will we be able to add multiple hymnals?

My churches use two hymnals and some others use three or more.

Terry Fletcher , 16.02.2013, 14:39
Response from the site administrator
jasonsilver, 13.08.2014
Unfortunately I don't have plans to integrate this feature.

The reason for this is that hymnal numbers are automatically assigned based on which hymnal is chosen from the hymnal list. Having more than one hymnal would mean the program wouldn't know which hymnal number to choose automatically.

That said, there may be a way to always prefer one hymnal over another, but it seems complex to me.

If you have any suggestions as to how this would actually work in ServiceBuilder, please do make a recommendation in the comments below.
Idea status: under consideration


Sean Hachem, 18.06.2017, 14:09
Would it be possible to add letters before the hymn number? So for example, hymn #400 in the United Methodist Hymnal would be UMH400, while hymn 35 in the Cokebury Hymnal would be CH35. Or something similar to that.

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