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Different Permission Levels of Users

It would be great if the default user level would allow them to switch schedules with other people. Maybe you could create an admin level, a schedule level and basic level. If churches prefer to have admin do all the

Brad , 24.03.2012, 01:34
Idea status: completed


jasonsilver, 04.11.2012, 12:53
I've started to think about this request now, and was hoping that Brad and others might flesh out the idea a bit for me.

Especially, what are the various levels of permission?

a) Perhaps an 'overview schedule manager' position, that could make changes to any schedule
b) Maybe a 'manager' position, that would apply to roles - if you were made a manager of a role, you could edit that role -- for example, parking team manager, or usher manager
c) A 'user editor' position that would allow a person to edit details about people
d) An order-of-service editor that would allow that person to add songs and elements, change orders of service, etc.

What other levels can you think of? What else would admins be abl eto do?
jasonsilver, 23.01.2013, 21:01
I have added multiple permissions levels now, for things like:
1. Editing services
2. Sending messages
3. Editing people
4. Modifying settings
5. Modifying permissions

I need some testers before I go live, so please try it out at http://servicebuilder.net/preview/

Feed back please!

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