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Attendance Tracker

Our goal is to make Service Builde the one place that we go to with worship related items.

One thing we track is attendence. It would be nice to have that data along side all the other. An service item that would allow you to i

brad , 04.01.2012, 18:20
Response from the site administrator
jasonsilver, 25.02.2012
I've got a BETA version of this feautre created now, but I need more information on functionality to do more.

Anyone interested in this feature, please try to describe exactly how this would behave in an ideal situation.
Idea status: completed


brad, 08.03.2012, 22:40
I like the layout. I would like to be able to add categories to the estimated number of people. It would be great if we could customize it, so each church could ad the categories that matter. For me, I would like regular, 2nd Time Visitors, First Time Visitors and Kids in Junior Church and Nursery.
jasonsilver, 09.03.2012, 08:23
Hi Brad, any ideas on how that would work?

I could calculate the age of attendees if they have a birthdate entered in ServiceBuilder, and graph by age that way...

But how would you enter categories? Would you just have separate text boxes, one for each new 'category' or would you want to check off names, and place each name in categories?

If the latter, then it might make sense to use Roles for that purpose, and you could create a role of 'new-comer,' for example and put names of newcomers in that role... then when checking their names off in the attendance tracker, it would know that they belong to that category.

Also, is the graphing of any use? Would you want to graph the various roles and/or ages?
Brad, 09.03.2012, 10:22
I was thinking of just being able to ad more boxes in the estimated section. Each church could ad the categories they like. It would be great if you could ad up each box for total that Sunday

The age isn't as important as which kids area they attend. This is why I suggested the box with the total.

I think the graph will be helpfUl
Brad, 22.03.2012, 13:55
A save button at the bottom or something like that would be nice so you know that the data is saved if you are entering in information for more than one date.
Brad, 22.03.2012, 13:57
Kid Sign In: This is really expanding your services. However, it would be great if we could tie the service builder database to our kids program. Parents could check in their kids at the start of the service and let church know about allergies, etc. Volunteers could check them out when parents pick them up. You would have to allow relationships to form between people and maybe make a simple sign in screen, but if the databases could all talk that would be awesome!!!
Dale McIntire, 22.05.2012, 18:45
Jason, our numbers would be much simpler. I would just need to give the ushers access to the service date page where they would record the number of adults and the number of children, but have both a running total of all attenders annually and average attenders (adult and child) annually (which would be the total number of attenders divided by the number of services recorded.)
jasonsilver, 19.06.2012, 15:39
The preview section:
...now has adults, teens, children, and newcomers.
Brad, 18.06.2012, 18:24
Hey Jason, I really like what you ahve done. It is easy to use.

What would really help us would be to differentiate between kids programs and the worship service (You could do this with a check box in their profile to differentiate where they go).

It would also be helpful if you could expand the spot were you say estimated in the service. I would like to either add my own categories there or have numbers for first time guests and regular guests.
jasonsilver, 19.06.2012, 15:38
I would eventually like to add a multi-tracking tool that lets you add any services or classes you want to, but for now I have added adults, teens, children, and newcomers. It's in preview right now, and I will move it to live shortly.

Brad, 25.06.2012, 16:17
I like the new boxes. You could help me get rid of Google Doc spreadsheet to keep track of attendance if you had a text box like you do for worship where I could enter in general thoughts about the service.
Brad, 24.07.2012, 13:07
Hey Jason,

Could you ad one more category in your mix? I would love to see Guests and First Time Guests (Newbies)? First time guests get treated differently.

Also a text box where I could list the names of the new guests would also be great.

stephen, 11.11.2012, 17:39
Attendance on the mobile version is awkward in that it resets every time an entry is made, forcing a return to a previous page.
jasonsilver, 11.11.2012, 18:06
Thanks Stephen, will look at that.
Stephen, 20.11.2012, 15:36
I'm not able to enter attendance from last week. I know it should have been done already, but it would be advantageous to have the option to go back in case it is forgotten.

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