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Add Role Under Group

Joe Araucto , 10.08.2010, 22:43
Idea status: completed


Joe Araucto, 10.08.2010, 22:48
We schedule our worship teams on rotation. I would like to be able to assign a role to each people in the group so that when they get the e-mail, they will know their role. Several of our people serve multiple roles.
i.e. "You are scheduled on 2010-08-15 at 07:00:00 with the Blue Worship Team as Drummer"
Araucto, 18.08.2010, 23:34
is this being considered. I think this is a must.
jasonsilver, 17.11.2010, 14:37
Yes, just no idea how to implement it yet.
jasonsilver, 15.01.2011, 15:06
Hi Joseph, this is now implemented. Please give me feedback to let me know how it works for you.

Start by making a role into a group, then go to that roles page, and add members to the group. Each member can now have their own role within the group.

Neat, eh? Thanks for the idea, and the patience to see it implemented.

katie, 10.02.2012, 21:58
this feature is not working for me. i'm using safari for my browser. i'm able to put people in groups but i can't put roles in groups.

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