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Enable Text Messaging

The company I was using for text messaging service has gone out of business, so I'm looking into alternatives.

jasonsilver, 10.08.2010, 15:20
Response from the site administrator
jasonsilver, 18.02.2015
LIVE! In the US text "Hello" to (347) 773-2447 and everywhere else text (613) 699-5509 to try it out.
Idea status: completed


Joe Araucto, 10.08.2010, 19:23
most text provider allow e-mail to be sent and converted to text. for example, AT&T has the following format: number@txt.att.net. it may be best to allow e-mails to be sent to multiple e-mail address, text included... most people I know have a personal e-mail, work e-mail, and cell phone. providing a field for 3 e-mail addresses might do the trick.
I think this is a work around to the text issue.
jasonsilver, 19.07.2013, 08:41
OK, I've finally found a cheap way to do this... for now it's free, but it will cost me 1 cent for every outgoing text eventually, so I will likely make it available eventually only to churches who pay.

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