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retain the people in the service templates. We have several folks that are pretty static and to add them every week is repetitive.

When using a service template to create your new service, the people are stripped out. Most of our services have the same piano player, music directory, etc. It would be really slick to keep those folks in the template while allowing for changes.

Chris Ingle , 24.02.2011, 06:29
Response from the site administrator
jasonsilver, 04.01.2012
The ability now exists to save more information into the template.

The template can contain people, the element type, comments per line, the order of each element, whether the line is 'bolded' (a new feature), and the length of each line.
Idea status: completed


doulos12, 08.04.2012, 18:50
Please allow for doing the same with groups, like our worship band.

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